3 ways to foster creativity in your child’s mind

In the last few decades, the world has changed from adoring 100% disciplined children to children who are creative, mischievous witty. To survive as a child, one needs to have his mind as well polished as possible. The competition in all fields of work is unbelievably high with hard and smart workers available at every corner.

If it is not fostered into their minds since a very young age, they might never be able to get it. It helps in everything; creativity can assist in cognitive thinking skills e.g. math’s etc. to crisis management.

The world needs its next generation to be people who think outside the box and come up with new and different things.


Personally, for me, the development of creativity in nurtured the most by books. If you make reading your child’s habit, you can be sure about the fact they will grow up to be deep and analytical thinkers. That is so because in novels and stories, one gets to see other people’s perspectives. When you are 10-12 years old and you already know the different ways of how people think, you start to wonder how and why they are the way that they are. This deep way of contemplating on things will help your child with his baby steps towards being creative.


This is a very unconventional chain of thought because in previous years, sports were only considered as something that keeps the body healthy. But new researches have shown that it is as healthy for the mind as it is for the body. Playing sports relaxes your mind thus automatically increasing your creativity. Other than that- during the sport, due to the requirement of quick thinking, your mind develops and adjusts itself accordingly. When you think quick, more ideas come to your mind and you choose the best one. That is how sports indirectly help in the fostering of your creativity.


Your child’s creativity depends solely upon his creative thinking. If he is allowed to invent, imagine, think differently in situations. One can foster this skill by asking your child other ways to solve the same things. That further adds the child to be smarter in things and looking for the easiest way to solve things. This will lead to them looking for the simplest way of solution. THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX.


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