How to make a living by selling your crafts

This day and age is all about the quote ‘Live smart, not hard’. As offensive as it might sound to some people, this is the God-honest truth and we have seen hundreds of thousands of cases proving so. I personally have a few examples of my friends and colleagues as well. My belief is that if you have the will and the wit to go about it, you are good to go.
There are generally two ways of selling your crafts.

These are hard times for garage-sale lovers; this is so chiefly because of internets takeover of the world. Since this is a brief manual, we shall provide you with the most efficient way.

5 tips to sell your crafts online are as follow:

Practice writing:

You simply can’t be a good sales-person online if you are not outstanding at winning them with your words. If I am ever looking for a buy online myself, the first thing I want to look at is the description along with the pictures (see next point). Suppose I am writing about my car. My first step will be to search about them. There are two ways I can describe it to my audience. Either can I say ‘it’s a good car, has covered 30,000 km, red color and no scratches, 200 horse power’. Or I can be interesting and go like ‘my beautiful car has only travelled the road for 30,000 km, its color is a like that of a red velvet as it looks as its untouched; not a single scratch. A moderate 200 horse power runs it.

Learn how to take pictures:

I will personally never buy a product that’s picture is so blurry that I have to squint to read it.

Acquaint yourself with online websites:

It is not as simple as it sounds but probably not as hard as I’m making it out to be. There are the obvious ones such as EBay, Amazon, etc. But those are not the sites that you ought to be surfing. Go for more exclusive ones, where you can use personal-selling to your advantage.


Facebook sits at the iron-throne of the internet. Find forums where such products are sold. Preferably those closed groups whose members are serious buyers.


Open a blog. Once your name is out there, go for it; dream big, you never know, you might be the next cover story for your local newspaper!


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