Five easy ways to make crafts with recycled material

If creativity is your cup of tea, this is the article to read! Our time has come up with splendid ideas about how to make crafts with recycled material. We will not lie, you will have to keep a lot of junk safe but once we show you how to assemble it all, you won’t regret it. There are numerous things you can make out of the stuff you have no use for. Our team wholeheartedly support recycling- knock yourself out!

Vertical Garden

This is an easy and beautiful way to beautify your house. All you need to do is save your water bottles for a relatively longer time. The more you save, the prettier your garden will be. Keep these bottles in their original shape as you will need them to be resistant and firm. Cut the bottles from the top and fill the bottles with dirt. Make sure it is fertile. Sow the seeds in the soil. Choose your own patterns but make sure that each bottle has one under it except for obviously the last ones. Fill the bottles with water and watch it trickle down in to the others. Water once a day and be sure that the wall you chose gets a lot of sunlight. Wait for them to grow and admire the gorgeous vertical garden you have to planted and made. Vertical Garden

Egg Carton Mirror Frame

Things you will need:
A pair of scissors, 3 egg cartons of dozen eggs, paint brush with blue and red paints. 11 inches x 14 inches of mirror since that is the close to the standard egg carton size, glue.

How to:
Cut out cones from all cartons, you will see that you have extra cones left.
Make 4 cuts down the sides after inverting it.
Curl them into the shape of petals with your fingers.
Glue the sides in the form of a flower.
Repeat for all cones. Paint flowers red.
Cut the extra cones in smaller stripes so make the centre of the flower.
Paste these flowers on the corners of the mirror.
Cut out the sides of the carton, paint them and paste them on the edges.

Bottle lamp

Cut off the edges of the bottle. Glue the sides and paste them together. Use Elfy or superglue to the base of the lamp like shown below. Make sure there is already a lamp inside
Bottle lamp

Paper cup wreath:

You will need a lot of paper cups. Paste them together in the same pattern as the picture.
Bottle lamp

Shampoo bottle charger holder:

Bottle lamp

Cut the shampoo bottle from the centre and make a hole to fit the charger through, simply.


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