10 tips for a beginner photographer

Photography has been one of the most rising professions after the commercialization of DSLR cameras and rightly so; one needs to be abundantly flowing with ideas and have constant creativity. This is so because you might witness a moment of beauty and you must able to capture it then and there in the most beautifying way possible. Following are the few tips our team has come up with for beginners and aspirers.

Keep a tight budget

Know that you are just starting and you have no idea about how to handle your equipment. Holding a camera looks simple but is a pretty hard thing to master. We advise you to keep the costs low and go for cheaper camera, tripods etc.


There are going to be times when your stamina will give up and you will want a little assistance. That’s where tripods step in. They are going to make simpler shots easy so you can save yourself for when its needed.

Camera must be carried 24/7

As we have emphasized in the previous lines, carrying it is a necessity, you must have the stamina to hold it all day long. Like we said, you never know when it’s 'that' moment. Try carrying a small kit with you i.e. a camera, tripod, paper, pencil. This is needed if one wishes to be ready for the unexpected shots.

List down your aims for the next shots

Write down all the photographs that you wish to take. Carry this list with you AT ALL TIMES. You are to do this so that if there are times when you don’t have your camera, write them down with the time so you can come the next day at the same time and lighting to take it.

Note: Understand that this needs a whole lot of passion and commitment so is ready for that.

Surf the internet!

Dive into the web of internet. There are thousands of places where you can learn about it online. First, search online on which cameras better for the kind of photography that you are interested it. Don’t just follow the first video you watch, search more and follow the one which you find the best and most descriptive. Make an account of social sites such as flikr, interest, tumblr. There is a lot you can learn by other amateur and semi-professional photographers. The best thing about it is that you will never run short on things to learn. You’d be surprised by the amount of things you might learn if you just look.


You love photography, that’s why you’re here. Do not let anyone take that from you. Make sure you enjoy taking each picture as the previous one. Look at everything you see as a photographer and you will see things you never noticed.

Camera settings

There are numerous ways of using your camera; settings you can alter for each picture. Read the manual and learn what each sign means. You must know how to use these signs as well. Use multiple settings on taking the same picture to learn how these settings affect the pictures.

Basic rules

Study about photography, read a few books and find out the basic rules. When your foundation is strong, it will be easier to erect a solid future in the field.

Pictures regularly

Take a lot of pictures. All of them don’t need to be masterpieces, get comfortable with your camera. Get to know it, take it out for a cuppa coffee.


Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!


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